Burial at Sea New York Memorial Services

Sea Services provides Burial at Sea and Scattering Ashes at Sea memorial servies in many location in New York State.  Below is a list of locations available along with services. 

Available Departure Locations for New York Burial at Sea

  • Chelsea Piers New York
  • Brooklyn New York
  • Freeport New York
  • Montauk New York
  • Rockaway Beach New York
  • Bayshore New York
  • Fire Island New York
  • Long Island New York
  • Riis Park New York
  • Jones Beach New York
  • Long Beach New York

Family Memorial Services

For those families wishing to plan their own memorial voyage, Sea Services™ provides the vessel and crew, from the port of your choice.  You select the time, place and arrangements and invite as many guests as you wish.  

We have many of crafts at your service.  And we can help you plan every detail of this special memorial.     As your voyage will be a first-time maritime funeral experience for many of your guests, Sea Services™ will work closely with you to make this a fitting memorial occasion, carefully evaluating your needs and desires to insure a safe, comfortable and memorable day for all.  

First-class family services like these vary greatly in every detail.  Likewise, their costs also vary considerably.  Average costs for a small group range in the $800 to $900 area.  Larger groups, special services or trips in the height of the recreational boating season can cost more.

Whether your group is large or small, from one guest to several hundred, Sea Services™ carefully chosen captains and crews have the licensing and experience to provide a safe, and most memorable trip. 


Captain's Service

Often families cannot venture to sea or attend a scattering ashes at sea memorial service. Our captains bring the cremated remains on an ocean voyage for you.  A dignified sea scattering of ashes or burial at sea is performed and documented, with that documentation provided to you.  This is our most popular service, with prices beginning at just $275.  

While the Captain's Service does not provide for the family or guests to accompany the vessel, specific requests, such as dates or times, special prayers or simple ceremonies are often available.  Special planning, however, can add to our costs.   Many ports have seasonal demands and schedules vary at different times of the year.   You may call us for specific fees at the port of your choice.

Most often, cremated remains are received at Sea Services' home office via priority mail express US Mail, sometimes directly from the funeral home or crematory.   For the specific "Three Easy Steps" to a Captain's Service™. Call us anytime with your specific wishes, or just to discuss our services.  Sea Services™ will work hard to accommodate your desires while insuring the best value. 

Scattering of Ashes or Burial at Sea?

The scattering of cremated remains on the sea's surface is timeless tradition -- a chosen funeral custom for thousands of years.   Many, however,  due to personal, religious or traditional desires, prefer to be placed in a burial urn on the ocean's floor.  

Sea Services has developed the Burial at Sea Service that sensitively accomplishes this timeless tradition, while insuring 21st Century protection of the environment.  Whether you choose a traditional Sea Scattering or the dignified Burial at Sea with a urn you can be assured that your service will receive our personal attention at any port, off any shore of our nation.   

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New York Burial at Sea Testimonials

August 2019 Long Island, New York

Gus, on behalf of my brothers and me (and our late mom), I want to thank you for an extraordinary experience we had Sunday.  It was perfect for us.  We so appreciate your captaining us to the site, your handling of the ashes and rose petals, and the circling of the boat around them.  You became part of a memory that we will always hold dear - a source of great solace, a milestone in our lives.  With gratitude, Robert

Sept 26th 2017 Sheepshead Bay, New York

Gus, Just wanted to say thank you for getting us set up with everything today.  Your crew was great! Ralph and Tony did a great job. Everything was perfect. 

November 2008 New York, Fire Island

Dear Donna,
Many thanks to you, Captain Gus, and his shipmate for making one of the most difficult times in our lives a memorable experience. The sea scattering service you provided for my mother was carried out with honor and dignity, and Captain Gus went above and beyond, spending the majority of his day on the bay waiting for the right time to fulfill our needs. I intend to recommend Sea Services to anyone who might be interested. There is only one opportunity to say good-bye to a loved one the "right" way, and we certainly made the perfect choice.  Thank you so much for your help in doing so.

August 10th 2001 Fire Island Long Island New York

Dear Sea Services, It was so nice meeting you! I always imagined you as a regular guy just caring for people and that is what you are. Being there near Fire Island was the high point of my vacation. Thanks, with much affection.

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