Letter To Our  Funeral Professionals Interested in Burial at Sea

Dear Funeral Professionals,

Interest in burial at sea is soaring.  The Cremation Association statistics indicate a steady growth rate of 1% per year in the percent of deaths cremated.   While many still view sea burial as an inexpensive option, others follow the lead of celebrities and demand sea burial as their environmentally responsible choice.  Grasp this opportunity to better serve your clients; Sea Services is here to assist you.  We have been serving the needs of funeral directors for over fifteen years; we’re familiar with the challenges facing the funeral industry today.

For over a decade, we have offered our scattering at sea services to funeral professionals, broadening the options available to their clients.  Ask about our exclusive Ocean Urn service to respectfully place remains on the ocean floor, insuring clients that their religious requirements are met.  Our locations include virtually every port in America.  An attractive certificate is forwarded to you within thirty days, stating the date and location of the event.

We also accommodate ocean memorial and charter services where family members can customize a service meeting their specific desires.   Another interment option gaining in popularity are full body burials at sea, Sea Services will help you step by step.

Burial at sea is available to your clients now.  With Sea Services it’s simple, contact us or call us anytime, 888.551.1277.

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