The Hindu Faith, Mourning, Burial at Sea and Cremation

The most common practice for Hindus is the consecration or the immersion of cremated remains in flowing waters of a river, with prayers and remembrances. The practice so far has been to hand-carry the ashes to a river system in India, like the Ganges or the Cauvery or the Krishna, and immerse with a small ceremony. This practice is slowly coming to an end, because of the time and expense, and because many of the older generation, are expressing that the country where they have lived and worked for many decades, should be their final place of departure as well. Those that have established roots in the US or are born here do not feel any spiritual connection with the rivers in India. In this respect, the only option is to immerse the cremated remains in US waters.

Coming Soon: A guide to the end-of-life processes developed for use by The Hindu Diaspora, In the American context

This is a nonprofit publication by The Kannada Community of Houston, Texas. This guide is a blend of the practical and legal aspects to the death of a Hindu; the spiritual elements that will have to be taken care of; and the information to survivors, and caregivers. Of all systems, the Hindu system stands out as a highly diversified array of processes, varying by one's region in India, language, customs, and family traditions and so on…

This guide seeks to provide the common minimum that would be acceptable for the first generation onward, in the American context.

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